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Although Dr. Spector is not a participating provider with any insurance plans, she does do pre-authorizations for treatment for insurance companies (with explicit permission) in order to obtain out of network benefits. If any written communication is required by the insurance company, you can receive a copy of the completed form.

Notice for Good Faith Estimate for Self Pay and Out of Network Clients

Availability and electronic communication:

For individuals seen in ongoing psychotherapy, a HIPAA compliant texting application is available as well as the office and cell phone numbers. If your child is an adolescent, parents are given their own account and the adolescent is given a separate account for communication. Of course, if there is a true emergency, please proceed directly to the emergency room. If Dr. Spector is away, there is always a covering clinician available to speak with you.

Coordination with other practitioners:

If you or your child is working with other practitioners, Dr. Spector coordinates care (with your permission). If you would like recommendations of other professionals to work with, Dr. Spector has a cohort of practitioners in other disciplines.

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