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Parent Guidance

Is your child having difficulty with sleeping, eating, or getting homework done? Are they struggling with peer relationships, or arguing with you about "screen time"? Dr. Nancie Spector specializes in helping parents help their children.


In many situations, it is not necessary for a child to participate in sessions in order to benefit from the expertise of a child clinical psychologist. In fact, many times a single parenting session with one or both parents or caregivers can be very useful. Dr. Spector conducts these sessions in person, via phone, or video conference.


Dr. Spector can assist parents with eating, sleeping, and toilet training as well as how to utilize effective discipline. In addition to running parenting groups, she has given talks in the community at schools, libraries, and hospitals. Dr. Spector has provided expert testimony to family court and collaborated with attorneys and can help parents make a separation or divorce easier on their child.  


Additional areas of guidance include how to help your child prepare for and/or cope with a death in the family or a move or change of school. 

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