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Psychological Assessment


Assessment always begins with an initial parent interview session, and is followed by multiple testing sessions and a final 45 minute parent interpretative session. When testing adults, I may ask for an initial consultation with a parent or a spouse to take a history.

Psychological assessment typically includes:

  • Intelligence test -  IQ (Wechsler, Stanford-Binet)

  • Achievement test (Wechsler)

  • Visual-motor assessment (VMI)

  • Auditory processing (TARPS)

  • Personality tests (including projectives, Rorschach, TAT, CAT, Sentences)

  • Developmental history

  • Classroom behavior checklists

  • Home behavior checklists

  • Memory tests (WRAML)

  • Continuous performance test (CATA, CPT-2, KCPT-2)

  • Reading and writing tests (GORT, TOSWF)


Some of the information for these tests is collected from a teacher or a parent. An important part of the evaluation of school-age children is to have the child's teacher(s) fill out multiple behavioral rating scales. Similarly, adult patients will often have to fill out one or more of these checklists on their own and have spouses or work supervisors complete forms. It is generally helpful if I can speak to a teacher, physician, or other professional regarding the patient.

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