Dr. Spector's Working Dogs

Iris waiting between sessions

Dr. Spector and Rand

Dr. Spector and Robert

After deciding that I needed to find a dog to work with me, I found Iris. She was a year old and had been a show dog, bred by a Golden Retriever breeder who has shown her dogs at Westminster. Iris did not accumulate enough “points” and so the breeder was willing to sell her to me. I did some additional training with her and she was certified by Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. Iris worked with me from January 2000 until July 2006 when she passed away at age seven due to cancer.

I researched a variety of programs and chose to apply to Canine Companions for Independence, which is a national organization that trains service dogs. After waiting three years, I was called to attend team training and I was matched with Rand. Rand worked with me from May, 2008 until February, 2015. He is currently retired and is enjoying living the life of a pet dog.

Robert is also from Canine Companions for Independence. I attended team training in February, 2015 and was lucky enough to be matched with Robert. He is a very big, gentle guy who loves to give kisses (to those who want them!). He enjoys resting next to children when they are completing testing, or joining them on the couch during therapy sessions. He is also available to play outside or go for walks with children whom I am treating in therapy.

About Dr. Spector

Dr. Spector received her bachelor’s degree magna cum laude with Honors in Psychology, from Brown University and awarded master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology with a Child Clinical Specialization from Case Western Reserve University. She specializes in psychological assessment and psychotherapy (including DBT) for children and adolescents.

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